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Children in library

The Libraries and Learning Centres (LLCs) are built from 40ft containers, stoked by books for all types of readers and run by community volunteers.

They are free for everyone to use regardless where you come from. You must sign up as a member though, so we know who and how many people are using our LLCs.

Schools from near by to our LLCs use them to hold their lessons, study and play.

You can come and use the LLCs when they are opened – each LLC has their own opening days and times.

You can find our Libraries & Learning Centres at:

  1. Dzunga (2015)
  2. Chidzangoni (2016)
  3. Mariana (2018)
  4. Shimba Hills (2019)
  5. Mwaroni (2020)
  6. Kombani (2020)
  7. Msambweni (2021)
  8. Tiwi (to be built in 2022)